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With the extremely difficult economic situation in Lebanon and the devaluation of the Lebanese pound, more and more people have gone under the poverty line. In our case, this translates into more people turning to governmental hospitals in seek of medical support.
Following the blast, the rehabilitation of the Carlos Slim Pediatric Center at the Qurantina Governmental Hospital has just been finalized. Equipped with the latest state of the art medical equipment, the center is ready and was launched in May 2021.
To cater to the maximum number of patients in need, further expansions are in the pipeline. The new building is set to be inaugurated in December 2021 and will include pediatric and obstetric floors.

But a big question comes to mind.

Now we have a fully equipped facility to treat and save the lives of children, but what is the benefit if there are no patients to treat and no medical personnel to treat them.

Here are some facts and realities.

The Ministry of Health generally covers 80% of the medical cost of governmental hospitals for all its Lebanese constituents. With the exponential increase in the cost of essential medical supplies, tools, utensils, and medicine, governmental hospitals are not able to cope with these rising and fluctuating prices and are being forced to charge patients with the difference in new costs of medical treatment.
With the harsh realities we are facing today, parents of sick children aren’t even able to afford the minimal fee of governmental hospitals and the condition of their babies is becoming worse.
It goes without saying that doctors are also reluctant to be paid for their services based on the old currency rate. To make matters worse, they have not been paid their outstanding dues for quite some time. Hence operating doctors at governmental hospitals are becoming hesitant in pursuing their mission and are opting to work in private hospitals.
We cannot just stand by and watch the system crumble while innocent children pay the price of what Lebanon is facing.
As always, our mission is to save the lives of children and allow them to live their best life possible.

What must be done:

With that in mind, we are launching the “ASSAMEH BIRTH AND BEYOND – PATIENT FUND”.
The purpose of this fund is to cover any unmet treatment costs or medical fees for patients that are in need.
The selection process will evaluate the medical and financial status for each patient to ensure that the fund is supporting those that are most in need.
In the end, money should never be a deciding factor for life or death.
We count on your support and donations to be able to continue with our mission.
Your donation today can guarantee a child has a better tomorrow.
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